Body Xtremes
Mik Miller's Tattoo & Piercing History: I have been tattooing and piercing professionally in 1975. I used to offer tattoo/piercing clinics and have travelled all over the U.S. Piercing and Tattooing. I have tattooed and pierced in places like Houston Texas, Dallas Texas, Atlanta
Georgia, Salem New Hampshire, Providence Rhode Island, Seattle Washington, Boise Idaho, Washington D.C., New York City, Fort Lauderdale Florida and many other cities across the United States.In 1978 I opened a small shop in Boston and also offered Tattooing and Body
piercing to the general public. In 1996 I moved out of Boston and opened Body Xtremes. Tattooing was illegal by that time so I was unable to offer that service. I have been advocating the legalization of tattooing in the state for the many years and am instrumental in setting regulations for the industry in the Commonwealth. I worked directly with the State Board of Health. With my help & the help of Stephen Lamphier, and Leo & Judy Murphy we wrote the first "Model Body Art" regulations for the state. As of June 2001 I had personally helped over
100 cities and towns set regulations for "Body Art" and am still available to help any other city or town that require help. I have also written a 5 hour "Skin course" that will familiarize the tattoo artists with the layers of the skin, sterile techniques and various diseases associated with the skin that the artist needs to be made aware of. I feel that it is my duty to help the boards of health so they can set regulations that will be fair, not only to the city but also the artists and clients.There has been a stigma surrounding the tattoo industry for a long time and it's time we stopped this. Tattooing is not for drunken sailors, sluts, crooks & drug
users. It's for all of you and you deserve to be treated to a tattoo or body piercing in an environment that is as clean and sterile as possible. My goal with Body Xtremes is to bring you just that. A sterile setting coupled with experienced and capable practitioners makes for a most pleasant experience. I hope that you will enjoy your visit to Body Xtremes and tell all of your friends about us.I felt that Massachusetts needed to set viable regulations that were fair not only to the client but also the Tattoo Artist. I was asked to participate in writing the
regulations and felt that as a tattoo artist/body piercer it was my duty to help the Massachusetts boards of health set fair regulations. Tattooing is for anyone interested in body art and everyone deserves to be treated to a tattoo in an environment that is as clean and sterile as possible so in 2000 I was asked to work with the City of Quincy in writing the regulations for the city of Quincy. I worked alongside Paul Hines, the Assistant City Solicitor to promulgate a viable set of regulations that were fair to not only the city but also the practitioner and client. Our regulations have become the model for regulations adopted by many other cities in the Commonwealth.